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About us

The company 3F Studio was founded in 1998 in Warsaw and its first showroom was located at the crossroads: Limanowskiego and Powsinska. In September 2007, he was moved to a new location at ul. Nowolipki 28B, where it is located today. 3F Studio works with architectural studies and interior designers, serving both individual clients and projects for large companies. Our offer is addressed to all those attracted and fascinated by the beautiful design.
In our work we try to create and propose best solutions - compatible with the needs, expectations and preferences klienta.Często best solutions are born directly in our living room, where substitute our offer, you can directly see and evaluate. In addition to assisting in the selection of individual furniture we also create a full design concept of the interior. In addition, on request we can find the right architectural firm that will prepare the overall project.
In our living room furniture available in addition to the exhibition there are also many publications and trade publications. They allow you to get to know the world's manufacturers, their products and learn about the latest trends, which often facilitates the selection and purchasing decision. All are welcome to lounge 3F Studio, where in fine Italian coffee will help you decorate your dream space.